About me

I am Valerio, class 1992, born in Italy and based in Valencia (Spain).

My formal education is in Theoretical Physics, but my current occupation is in Data Analysis and, more specifically, Product Analytics. I work as Data Scientist in Voicemod.

I use this space to share little notes, mainly about statistics, mathematics, physics, whatever1 . Despite my official role, I’m actually pretty much a rookie statistician, which makes the explorations I share on this website much more enjoyable to me, I guess 😼. I also like messing with statistical code, usually in R.

If you want to get in touch, you can follow the contact links in the navigation bar above. My CV can be downloaded here.

  1. Physics is an experimental science, a part of natural science. Mathematics is the part of physics where experiments are cheap. - V.I. Arnold, On Teaching Mathematics.↩︎


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