sbo provides utilities for building and evaluating text predictors based on Stupid Back-off N-gram models in R. It includes functions such as:


Released version

You can install the latest release of sbo from CRAN:

Development version:

You can install the development version of sbo from GitHub:

# install.packages("devtools")


This example shows how to build a text predictor with sbo:

p <- sbo_predictor(sbo::twitter_train, # 50k tweets, example dataset
                   N = 3, # Train a 3-gram model
                   dict = sbo::twitter_dict, # Top 1k words appearing in corpus
                   .preprocess = sbo::preprocess, # Preprocessing transformation
                   EOS = ".?!:;" # End-Of-Sentence characters

The object p can now be used to generate predictive text as follows:

predict(p, "i love") # a character vector
#> [1] "you" "it"  "my"
predict(p, "you love") # another character vector
#> [1] "<EOS>" "me"    "the"
        c("i love", "you love", "she loves", "we love", "you love", "they love")
        ) # a character matrix
#>      [,1]    [,2]  [,3] 
#> [1,] "you"   "it"  "my" 
#> [2,] "<EOS>" "me"  "the"
#> [3,] "you"   "my"  "me" 
#> [4,] "you"   "our" "it" 
#> [5,] "<EOS>" "me"  "the"
#> [6,] "to"    "you" "and"


For help, see the sbo website.